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Stealing wins at Letterpress

[Yes, this is another in my continuing series of articles about the game of Letterpress. For those of you who do not play this game, feel free to move on.] Occasionally, winning a Letterpress game requires taking a step back … Continue reading

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Letterpress “house rules”

Recently, Jim Biancolo alerted me to an article he posted regarding informal “house rules” for playing Letterpress. The article linked to two other similar postings by other players (Brent Simmons and Daniel Jalkut). As a fan of this great game … Continue reading

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Exceptional Letterpress Strategy

There are numerous strategies (or “tactics” or “rules,” whatever) that can help you win Letterpress games. I wrote an article, previously posted here, detailing several such guidelines. Once you begin to master these guidelines, the next step is to realize … Continue reading

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Win at Letterpress: Start Second, Finish First

I like Letterpress. A lot. In fact, it is my favorite new game since Angry Birds. For me, it is a nearly perfect merger of my dual interests in word puzzles and strategy board games. My hat is off to … Continue reading

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