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Macintosh reviews from 1984

When the Macintosh arrived back in January 1984, every personal computer magazine in existence reviewed Apple’s new baby. Recognizing that these articles might be of more than passing interest some day, I collected and saved as many of them as … Continue reading

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The Mac at 30: The last laugh

I bought my first Macintosh thirty years ago this month, within days of the original Mac going on sale. It was my first personal computer purchase. I had used Apple II’s and even Atari’s where I worked, but I had … Continue reading

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Setting the record straight re my article on Adobe Reader

I’d like to set the record straight regarding my recent Bugs & Fixes article for Macworld — the one on problems opening PDF files in the latest version of Safari when the Adobe Reader plug-in is installed. To put it as … Continue reading

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Letterpress “house rules”

Recently, Jim Biancolo alerted me to an article he posted regarding informal “house rules” for playing Letterpress. The article linked to two other similar postings by other players (Brent Simmons and Daniel Jalkut). As a fan of this great game … Continue reading

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