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How to get Screen Sharing in Mac OS X’s Messages to work again

Mac OS X’s Screen Sharing, by allowing me to view and control other people’s Macs from my machine at home, has long proven to be a near-essential tool for me to help my friends and relatives with their Mac problems. Screen sharing is much more effective … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new normal: Donald Trump

In his searing take-down of Donald Trump, Garrison Keillor laments: “If the man is not defeated, then we are not the country we imagine we are. All of the trillions spent on education was a waste. The churches should close … Continue reading

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Why AppleCare+ is still not worth it

Thinking of getting AppleCare+ for your next iPhone? Think again. Back in 2014, I strongly recommended against AppleCare+. Following my own advice, I skipped getting it when I upgraded to an iPhone 6s this past fall. Last month, my decision collided with a worst-case-scenario … Continue reading

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Secure your data before selling your iOS device or Mac

Before I listed my iPad for sale on last month, I thought I knew what to do. My number one concern was security. More specifically, ensuring that all personal data had been removed from the device and all links between the device … Continue reading

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