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After the guilty verdict: The right goes wrong!

Shocked but not surprised. This has become a near daily mantra when reacting to the latest news from Donald Trump — and the entire Republican party. Their actions are somehow simultaneously beyond belief and yet entirely predictable. The latest case … Continue reading

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A Bad Goon is Rising

We are at a critical juncture in our country’s history. We are forced to ponder: Could a dictator take control of our government — after first assuming power by winning a legitimate national election? Or after overthrowing the results of an … Continue reading

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The GOP Implosion

What a horrible week to be a Republican. A week full of embarrassment and humiliation — as even most Republicans would agree. First, there was the Republican “Presidential” Debate. The cringe-worthy “unmitigated disaster” showcased candidates bickering amongst themselves, spewing nonsense, … Continue reading

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The Left Dodges a Bullet

Well…wow! The Democrats did better…much better…than expected on Tuesday. As of now, with 3 seats still undecided, they are favored to retain control of the Senate. The GOP advantage in the House will almost certainly be within single digits. Democrats … Continue reading

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