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The Donald Trump Show

To Donald Trump, popularity defines his personal success. It is everything. That’s why, after the 2016 election, Trump vehemently denied that he lost the popular vote or that his inauguration crowd was smaller than Obama’s. When the facts don’t jibe … Continue reading

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Academy Awards vs. Popularity: And the winner is…

I just read a Wall Street Journal article about the Academy Awards. It pointed out the now well-established discrepancy between what films win awards vs. which ones make the most money (i.e., are the most popular). The not-so-hidden subtext was … Continue reading

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Help me! I can’t justify getting a HomePod!

I really…REALLY…want to buy an Apple HomePod. This should not be a surprise to anyone who knows me. I’ve been a dedicated Apple fan for decades. Our home is filled with almost every product Apple sells — from iMacs to … Continue reading

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Who are the strangers? Not Trump supporters

Trump supporters would have you believe they are the most aggrieved party in the country right now. As covered in “Strangers in Their Own Land” (a recent book by Arlie Hochschild that is in many ways a sequel to “What’s the … Continue reading

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