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The almost death of the telephoto/zoom lens

This column started out as a eulogy — marking the anticipated end for a long-time friend. But, even as the grave was being readied, word came that my friend was showing signs of a remarkable recovery. Who is this friend? How … Continue reading

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Adieu to my Mac Pro

I finally did it. After months of internal debate, and many wild swings back and forth, the needle at last crossed the critical threshold. A decision has been made. I bought a new desktop Mac. It arrives next week. For those interested in … Continue reading

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After the Oscar boycott, then what?

Something’s rotten in Hollywood. For the past two years, not one person of color has received an Academy Award nomination for acting. In protest, several prominent members of the film industry (including Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith) have called for … Continue reading

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Presidential debates, stock markets and basketball announcers all go off the rails

A trio of unrelated snippets, each one not long enough for a solo entry but still worth noting… The Close But No Cigar award has been announced About a month ago, I told my wife: “I’m gonna wait till after the … Continue reading

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