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“What’s new?” updates have been suspended

Given my self-imposed steep decline in writing for Macworld as well as my similar decision to sharply curtail my speaking sessions, there won’t be much news to post here in the months ahead. This is all part of my slow but steady move towards “retirement.” As such, I have decided to suspend updates to “What’s new?."

I will still be writing entries for my Slanted Viewpoint blog. Check there for any significant personal news — as well as the usual assortment of articles.

I also expect to continue my MacVoices podcasts with Chuck Joiner, such as this recent one.

Update: May 18, 2015: I am now officially retired. You can read more about it here.

Apple’s March media event

On March 9, Apple held a media event that was highlighted by the final pre-release information about the Apple Watch, the unveiling of an all new ultra-thin MacBook and the addition of HBO Now to the Apple TV lineup.

In addition to my Twitter comments, posted during the event, I offer my observations and opinions in two new Slanted Viewpoint articles:

Putting it together: MacBook, USB-C and the iPad Pro


Here’s to the crazy ones: Apple Watch Edition

Apple's new hardware

From the iPhone 6 to a Retina display iMac, Apple has released a slew of new hardware this fall. For my comments on this new stuff, check out:

Apple’s hardware announcements: How odd


The last word on the iPhone 6 vs. 6 Plus decision

For related Apple-focused articles, see the full list of my recent Slanted Viewpoint columns.

The end of Macworld|iWorld

Yet another unwelcome milestone: Macworld|iWorld (originally called Macworld Expo) has bitten the dust. It will not be held in 2015, nor likely ever again. You can read my comments here: Saying goodbye to Macworld Expo.

2014: A year of milestones

It’s been an year of personal milestones, both planned and unexpected. The three big ones so far (there could yet be more; the year isn’t over) all represent significant endings:

The end of MacFixIt. After an evolution from the site I created 18 years ago to its a separate life as a part of CNET, CNET dropped the MacFixIt name last March.

My “retirement” as a Macworld | iWorld speaker. I gave a careeer-retrospective session titled Confessions of an Apple Writer at Macworld | iWorld last March. It is the last time I plan to speak at the conference. Its been a great run. And I plan to continue to attend future conferences. But I felt the time was right for me to call it a day as a speaker.

• The end of Macworld magazine. Macworld is over as a print publication (it will still continue as a website). That was not the shocking news. Rather, it was that IDG simultaneously laid off almost the entire Macworld editorial staff…a group of people that I had happily worked with for years. I had already cut back my own writing for Macworld, but still made occasional contributions. Going forward, I expect to continue to submit stuff from time to time (just posted an article today), but I am not sure for how long.

On the other hand, thanks to Apple, it’s also shaping up as a year of significant beginnings. As I wrote recently, Apple’s hardware division has been on a 2+ year break of sorts. That is now over. With the iPhone 6, the finally officially announced Apple Watch, and more to come — Apple is back on track to make big waves in the technology ocean. I will continue to closely follow these events and comment on them (here and elsewhere) when I have something (hopefully) interesting to say.

Speaking of commenting elsewhere, I am about to pass the 15,000 tweet mark! When I first joined Twitter years ago, I would have never guessed I would become such an active participant. But I have. It’s now my most popular hangout on the Internet. Stop by and say hello sometime.

By the way…

Othello: Brief & Basic. Back in the 1980's, I wrote a book about the game of Othello. Download the PDF version of the book for free.

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