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How I (almost) succeeded in getting an Echo to work well with my soundbar — and all my other components

My wife asserts that, should I die first, she will get rid of almost all the audio-video and computer equipment we now own. It’s not that she doesn’t enjoy using the equipment. She does. It’s just that she believes it … Continue reading

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After the Oscar boycott, then what?

Something’s rotten in Hollywood. For the past two years, not one person of color has received an Academy Award nomination for acting. In protest, several prominent members of the film industry (including Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith) have called for … Continue reading

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Star Wars Recycled

Warning: plot spoilers ahead… No doubt about it. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is a worthy successor to the Star Wars legacy. It’s action-packed, including a spectacular pair of light saber duels at the end. It’s also populated … Continue reading

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My day as an extra in the Steve Jobs movie

Back last March, I had the opportunity to attend the event where Steve Jobs announced the iMac to the world. What a fantastic day! OK. I’ve created a bit of a reality distortion field here. What really happened is that … Continue reading

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