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Flash vs. Fusion: What’s the best choice for an iMac?

Recently, I bid adieu to my 7-year-old Mac Pro and replaced it with a 27-inch 5K Retina display iMac. Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased. The display alone has been enough to justify the upgrade. However, my indecision over one sticking point almost … Continue reading

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The almost death of the telephoto/zoom lens

This column started out as a eulogy — marking the anticipated end for a long-time friend. But, even as the grave was being readied, word came that my friend was showing signs of a remarkable recovery. Who is this friend? How … Continue reading

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Adieu to my Mac Pro

I finally did it. After months of internal debate, and many wild swings back and forth, the needle at last crossed the critical threshold. A decision has been made. I bought a new desktop Mac. It arrives next week. For those interested in … Continue reading

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My day as an extra in the Steve Jobs movie

Back last March, I had the opportunity to attend the event where Steve Jobs announced the iMac to the world. What a fantastic day! OK. I’ve created a bit of a reality distortion field here. What really happened is that … Continue reading

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