Party time

Democrats take control of the House…and likely the Senate as well.

Donald Rumsfeld resigns.

Rick Santurum is gone from the Senate.

The majority of governers are now Democrats.

In my home state of California, MacNerny beat 7-time incumbent Pombo for a House seat from a district specifically gerrymandered to keep Pombo in office.

I could go on. But you get the picture.

For progressives, this is the most glorious election in recent memory.

The only concern is whether or not Democrats can truly take advantage of this moment instead of messing it up. Their track record has not been great. I worry they could be dealt a straight flush in poker and lose by folding.

But now is not a time for carping. Whatever happens, today’s news is better than any conceivable alternative.

So pardon me while I take a moment to celebrate! Whoopeeeeee!

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