On the Supreme Court, Hypocrisy Rules

Remember the mantra of Republicans regarding nominees to the Supreme Court? “We oppose ‘activist’ judges, the ones who assume that the function of the Supreme Court is to write legislation rather than just interpret it; the ones who are willing to turn over years of precedents to achieve some political goal.”

So, under previous Republican administrations, we got non-activist judges. Right?


What could be more “activist” than reversing decisions dating back nearly a century, and ignoring established legislation such as the McCain-Feingold act — and ruling to allow corporations complete freedom in spending money on political campaigns? That’s exactly what the “conservative” 5-4 majority on the Court did last week.

Are the Republicans objecting to this? Don’t make me laugh.

Talk about hypocrisy. It doesn’t get more blatant than this. It appears that a judge is only an activist if their ruling is one that Republicans disagree with.

Meanwhile, thanks to this new ruling, we can sit back and watch a complete corporate takeover of America (assuming it hasn’t happened already).

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