My Non-Article on Antennagate

I promised myself that l would not write an article describing my reaction to last Friday’s Apple press conference on “Antennagate.” I knew there would already be way too much written on the matter for me to want to add to the pile. I will simply say that I believe Apple handled the situation well overall. Beyond that, I intend to stick to my promise.

As an aside, I continue to find it astounding that a minor antenna problem makes front page headlines. But that’s the world we leave in.

As an alternative to my never-to-be-written article, let me offer links to a few articles that largely reflect my opinions — as well as a few posts that are so idiotically off-base that they should have never been written.

I especially liked Andy Ihnatko’s and John Gruber’s articles. I also found Scott Adams’ take intriguing.

In contrast, I do not understand how any sane person could claim that Apple should “kill the iPhone” (as stated by PCWorld’s Jeff Bertolucci) or be upset that Apple was not sufficiently apologetic (as lamented by Slate’s Farhad Manjoo). I’m not supplying the links here, because I don’t want to help these link-baiters get any benefit from their writing.

Enough said.

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