Political Q & …A?

Her are a few questions I asked myself this week. I leave the answers up to you:

• Given that the Supreme Court divides up 5-4 on virtually every important case, with conservatives judges supporting the Republican viewpoint and liberals supporting the Democratic viewpoint — why should I have any respect for their decisions? If essentially half the judges strongly disagree with any decision, along political lines, why should I believe their decisions have even a wisp of impartiality? [Sadly, I’ve been forced to ask this before.]

• Republican Senators are succeeding in blocking all significant legislation by hanging together and adopting “Just Say No” as their motto. The media are largely giving them a pass on this.

Why am I almost certain that, years from now, when Republicans control the Senate, and the Democrats try the same Just Say No tactic, Democrats will be assaulted as anti-democracy and obstructionist? What’s worse, the attacks will work. Because that’s how ineffective Democrats are. They lose on both ends.

• Given that we are constantly told that both political parties need to move to the center to succeed, how can it be that they are 100% divided on everything. If they are all near the center, shouldn’t there be some overlap?

• Exactly how hypocritical are Republicans when they lambast a health care reform bill now that is essentially the same as a bill they supported back in the 1990’s?

• When is Obama going to learn that winning requires that he be on offense at least occasionally? His comments in the State of the Union address are a good start, but they require strong follow-up. When the Republican’s attack him and his response is mainly to say “let’s work together,” he looks weak and is doomed to fail.

It’s like he’s in a baseball game where his side is always in the field while his opponents are always at bat. You can’t ever score runs that way, no matter how well you play the game.

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