Welcome to Slanted Viewpoint.

This is the blog where I offer my opinions on a wide-range of subjects. I started this blog because, more and more over the past few years, I found myself motivated by current events to write Letters to the Editor of various publications (or sometimes just composing such letters in my head, but never sending them off). Eventually, I decided I would be better off posting all of these musings in a single blog, rather than in various Letters sections (or not anywhere at all!). So here it is.

Common topics will include technology issues (especially for Apple Computer products, as I work in this area), the evolution debate (an issue close to my heart because of my prior position as a teacher of a course in Evolution and Behavior), politics (where I have a definite left-of-center slant) and movie reviews and commentary.

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for visiting.


P.S. The design of this site is still in its early stages. Expect to see a more customized look in the weeks and months ahead.

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